Notes to Myself

The art and dangerous thoughts of the Great Cosmic Happy Ass

Be warned about reading this book. It may make you happy!

Finally! The answers to the 3 questions that has plagued humanity in it’s search for truth and meaning since the beginning of time;
Can we be both cheeky & spiritual at the same time?
If it possible for a spiritual path to be funny?
Does higher consciousness have a bawdy side?




Diane English,creator of the Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Co. knows first hand how having a sense of humor, well placed irreverence and a little merlot can provide a life of wonder, happiness, joy & meaning. Come and explore the bond between humor & enlightenment but as we’ve said before, be forewarned… you may end up being happy!

150 pages of laughter & inspiration in full color! Spiral bound so it lays flat on your coffee table.

Now taking pre-orders!