Happy Birthday


So many people your age are dead! Happy Birthday



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“Happy Birthday”…So many people your age are dead! Happy Birthday!

The Story (which is on the back of the card)
Ethel is cranky & spiritually jaded. Crystal Moonunit seeks enlightenment. “Chuck” the cat, thinks it’s time for a nap.
Ethel wears yoga gear daily and visualizes being buff with buns of steel, replacing her current buns resembling english muffins.
“Chuck” is Ethel’s cat and spiritual advisor. “Chuck” is a girl but Ethel doesn’t care. Neither does Chuck
Ethel’s friend from a past life, Crystal Moonunit is still seeking the meaning of life. Ethel doesn’t give a shit and often wishes she had a gun & could join a spiritual witness protection program.
Chuck doesn’t give a shit, either way.

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